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                                                       YAMAHA CASSETTE, CD and DVD BELTS

                                                                        LIFETIME GUARANTEE

                                                                              MADE IN JAPAN



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Don't See your Model Number Just Ask




           Yamaha Factory " Performance " Guarantee


Yamaha Factory Capstan Belts are Guaranteed to Meet the Yamaha Published wow/flutter

Specifications on Your Machine _ IF, Your Transport is Fully Serviced.

Marrs is the Only Belt Supplier to make this Guarantee because our belts are the Only

belts that Will meet Specifications !


NEW YAMAHA FACTORY                                                                 $38.50  D-1y  (640790) Factory Capstan Only

                                                                                                            $49.50 D-1y Complete Factory Kit

C    C-300                                      

K    K-700,   K-720,   K-1020,   K-1200                                                         


NEW YAMAHA FACTORY                                                                  $28.50  D-9y  (648870) Factory Capstan Only

                                                                                                             $43.50 D-9y Complete Factory Kit

     K-27,   K-420,   K-540,   K-600,   K640,

KX    KX500u,   KX-530,   KX-800u, 

PC    PC-8C


TC    TC-720                                                                                         $38.50  D-2y  (701158) Factory Capstan Only



                                                                        PREMIUM KITS


C       C-300                                                       ( 2 Belts )                            $22.75



PREMIUM CASSETTE KITS                                                                         $25.75 All Models Below


K        K-07,   ( K-09 see Double kits ),   K-10,   K-15,   K-16,   K-17,   K-20,   K-27,


           K-28,   K-30,   K-31,   K-33,   K-40,   K-45,   K-60,   K-65,   K-90,   ( K-98 see Double kits ),


           K-142,   K-150,   K-200,   K-220,   K-222,   K-300,   K-320,   K-340,


           K-350,   K-420,   K-500,   K-520,   K-540,   K-550,   K-560,   K-600,


           K-640,   K-700,   K-720,   K-730,   K-850,   ( K-902 see Double kits ),


           K-903,   K-950,   K-960,   K-1020,   K-1200


KR      KR-1000


PREMIUM CASSETTE KITS                                                                          $25.75 All Models Below


KX      KX-55,   KX-77,   KX-130,   KX-140,   KX-150,   KX-200,   KX-230,   KX-250,


           KX-260,   KX-300u,   KX-330,   KX-360,   KX-390,   KX-393,   KX-400u,


           KX-530,   KX-630,   *KX-580SE,   KX-650,   KX-670,   KX-800,   KX-800U,


           KX-930,   KX-1020u,   KX-1200u




                        Complete 3 Belt Kit


KX      KX-100,   KX-101,   KX-102  Servo Face                                       $24.75


           *KX-580SETC-5115, CAPSTAN BELT ONLY                              $21.75





PREMIUM CASSETTE KITS                                                                       $25.75 All Models Below


KX-E    KX-E100,  KX-E300 


KX-R   KX-R430,  KX-R470,  KX-R700,  KX-R730,  KX-R1000



                                                  LIFETIME GUARANTEE


DOUBLE Cassette Kits include Belts for Both Decks                              $28.50  Belts for Both Decks

                                                                                                                                All Models Below


K               K-98,   K-902,   Double Cassette


K-0           K-09 Double Cassette


KX-W       KX-W202,   KX-W232,   KX-W262,   KX-W282,   KX-W302,   KX-W321,


                 KX-W332,   KX-W362,   KX-W382,   KX-W392,   KX-W421,   KX-W432,


                 KX-W492,   KX-W500,   KX-W592,  KX-W602,   * KX-W900,   * KX-W952



*KX-W    KX-W900,  KX-W952, 2 Capstan Belts (Only)                                      $22.75



KXW-S  KXW-S70,   KXW-S90                                                                              $25.75                



PREMIUM CASSETTE KITS                                                                                  $25.75 All Models Below


PC      PC-8C,  PC-9


TB      TB-700


TC      TC-320A,  TC-320B,  TC-366,  TC-511B,  TC-511S,  TC-520,

           TC-720B,  TC800,   TC-800D,  TC-800GL,  TC-920B,  TC-1000



                                                LIFETIME GUARANTEE


MULTITRACK RECORDERS                  ( 4 Belts )                                     $25.75 All Models Below


MT      MT-1X 4 Track Recorder,   MT-2X 4 Track Recorder


MT      MT-3X 4 Track Recorder              ( 1 Belt )                                       $21.75




                                    CD PLAYERS BELTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE


       * # Timing Belts CB-656190 and CX-604910 used in these Models is N.L.A.

             from Yamaha or ANY other Source.

             The remaining Belts used in the machine, are Supplied in my Kits.

             If your (gear type ) Timing Belt is still good, this kit is all you need.




Use 1 to 4 Belts, depending on Model.                                               $24.50  Per Machine

                                                                                                                  All Models Below


 CD         CD-28,   CD-30,   CD-33,   CD-45,   CD-450,   CD-500,   CD-5020,   *CD-5050



CDC        CDC-80,   *CDC-90,   *CDC-91,   CDC-95,   CDC-96,   CDC-500,


                CDC-501,   CDC-502,   CDC-506,   CDC-555,   CDC-565,   CDC-575, 


                CDC-585,   CDC-605,   *CDC-610u,   CDC-615,  CDC-625,


                CDC-635,   CDC-645,   CDC-655,   CDC-665,   CDC-675,


                CDC-685,   *CDC-695,   CDC-696,   CDC-697,   CDC-705,


                CDC-710u,   CDC-715,   *CDC-735,   CDC-745,   CDC-755,


                CDC-765,   CDC-775,   CDC-805,   CDC-815,   *CDC-835,


                CDC-845,   CDC-901,   CDC-902,   CDC-906


CDC-S    CDC-S90


CDM        CDM-77,   CDM-900



CDV       CDV-W901  Laser Disc                                                          $24.50  Per Machine



Use 1 to 4 Belts, depending on Model.                                               $24.50  Per Machine

                                                                                                                  All Models Below


CDX         CDX-2u,   CDX-5u,   CDX-305u,   CDX-393u,   CDX-396u,


                CDX-400u,   CDX-410u,   CDX-470u,   CDX-493,   CDX-496u,


                CDX-500u,   CDX-520u,   CDX-530u,   CDX-593,   CDX-630E


                CDX-670,   CDX-700u,   CDX-710u,   CDX-720u,   CDX-730u,


                CDX-750u,   CDX-810u,   CDX-820u,   CDX-870,   CDX-880u,


                CDX-890u,   CDX-900u,   CDX-902u,   CDX-910u,   CDX-920u N.L.A.


                CDX-930u N.L.A.,   CDX-993u N.L.A.,   CDX-1000,   CDX-1030u N.L.A.,


                CDX-1050,   CDX-1060u N.L.A.,   CDX-1100u,   CDX-1110u,


               *CDX-1120,   *CDX-2020,   *CDX-2000,   CDX-5000



* # Timing Belts CB-656190 and CX-604910 used in these Models is N.L.A.

             from Yamaha or ANY other Source.

             The remaining Belts used in the machine, are Supplied in my Kits.

             If your (gear type ) Timing Belt is still good, this kit is all you need.


                                                                                                               $23.25  Per Machine All Models Below


                # CDX-1000u _ 2 belts,   # CDX-1050u _ 2 belts,   # CDX-1120u _ 2 belts,


                # CDX-2000u _ 2 belts,   # CDX-2020u _ 2 belts,    # CDX-5000 _ 2 belts




                 CD Changers                                                                         $24.50  Per Machine All Models Below


CD-XE      CD-XE100,   CD-XE200,   CD-XE400,   CD-XE410,   CD-XE420




YAMAHA DVD PLAYERS                                                                        $24.50 Per Machine All Models Below


DV       DV-C6660


DVD     DVD-C740

                                                          TURNTABLE ARM BELTS                              


*PX     PX-2,  PX-3   Square Arm Belts.                                                 $23.25   (3 Belt Set) 

 *The Flat Arm Belt used on the PX-2 / PX-3, is No Longer Available from Yamaha, or Any other Source 


Marrs, Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Best FITTING

Belts Available, from ANY Source, at ANY Price, _ GUARANTEED !


Straight Talk, Quality Belts, 1st Class Customer Service.




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