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                                                AKAI CASSETTE BELTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE


                          Factory Kits are Guaranteed to meet Akai published wow/flutter specifications

                          on Your machine, IF your transport is fully serviced.

                          Performance portion of Guarantee Limited to 10 Years.


                           Marrs is the ONLY Belt Supplier to make this Guarantee.


Phone: 346-328-2106


AKAI                 Complete Factory Kit                                                     $49.50 Complete Factory Kit

GX          GX-6,   GX-7,   GX-8,   GX-9,   GX-73,   GX-75,   GX-75MKII,

               GX-93,   GX-95,   GX-95MKII,   GX-902,   GX-912

GX-R      GX-R88,   GX-R99


GX-Z      GX-Z9100



                                                      AKAI PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS

                                                              LIFETIME GUARANTEE


CS        CS-30,   CS-33D,   CS-7070        ( 1 Belt )                         Premium      $20.00


                                                                                                               Kit            $25.75

CS        CS-34D,   CS-35D,   CS-50,   CS-50D,   CS-55,  

              CS-340,   CS-702D,   CS-702DII,   CS-703D,   CS-705D,

              CS-707D,   CS-732D

                                                                                                                Kit            $25.75


CS-F     CS-F9,   CS-F11,   CS-F12,   CS-F14,   CS-F21,   CS-F33R,

               CS-F110,   CS-F210,   CS-F210J


CS-M     CS-M3,   CS-M4,   CS-M40R


CS-M0   CS-M01/A,   CS-M02,   CS-M03,   CS-M04


DX          DX-57,   DX-59


                                                                                                               Kit            $25.75

GX          GX-6,   GX-7,   GX-8,   GX-9,   GX-15,   GX-52,   GX-65,

                GX-65MKII,   GX-67,   GX-69,   GX-73,   GX-75,   GX-75MKII,

                GX-93,   GX-95,   GX-95MKII,   GX-902,   GX-912



                                                     AKAI PREMIUM CASSETTE BELTS

                                                              LIFETIME GUARANTEE


                                                                                                                 Kit          $25.75

GX-     GX-A5,   GX-A5X


GXC   GXC-38D,   GXC-39D,   GXC-40D,   GXC-46D,   GXC-65D,

            GXC-75D,   GXC-310D,   GXC-325,   GXC-500D,   GXC-502D,

            GXC-505D,   GXC-510D,   GXC-570D,   GXC-570DII,   GXC-704D,

            GXC-706D,   GXC-709D,   GXC-710D,   GXC-725D,   GXC-730D,

            GXC-735D,   GXC-740,   GXC-740D,   GXC-745D,   GXC-750D,

            GXC-760D,   GXC-7060


                                                                                                               Kit            $25.75

GX-      GX-F25,   GX-F31,   GX-F35,   GX-F44R,   GX-F51,   GX-F60R,

                GX-F66R,   GX-F80,   GX-F91,   GX-F95


                GX-F71,   GX-F90,   GX-F91        Direct Drive                      ( 2 Belts  $20.00 )



GX-M     GX-M10                                                                                   Kit            $25.75

               GX-M30,   GX-M50


GX-    GX-M959W                                ( Matched Pair Capstan Belts )           $25.75



GX-R       GX-R6,   GX-R60,   GX-R66,   GX-R70,   GX-R88,   GX-R99


HX-R       HX-R5


GX-     GX-Z9100




FM-01 / PM-01                                                                                 ( 2 Belts )      $20.00



                                AKAI 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS


CR-80D,   CR-80D-SS,   CR-80SS,   CR-80T,   CR-81D,

CR-81T,   CR-83D



                              ROBERTS 8-TRACK PLAYER BELTS

878X                      Main Belt                                                                                   $20.00



MARRS, Provides the FRESHEST, _ Highest QUALITY, _ Best FITTING

Belts Available, from ANY Source, _ at ANY Price, _ GUARANTEED !

Straight Talk,  Quality Belts,  1st Class Customer Service.




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