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                                                        LIFETIME BELT GUARANTEE

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    Marrs Communications NEVER uses "BAG-O-BELT" Assortments _ NEVER


                                                      MARRS COMMUNICATIONS.COM

              Selling the Highest Quality Cassette, R/R, CD and DVD Player Belts, Since 2007


                Purchase your Belts from Marrs Communications for the _ Last Time.

                SAVE YOUR PURCHASE RECEIPT. You will need if for a Free Replacement.


                If a Belt Becomes Defective at any time, Marrs will Replace it at No Cost.

                ( Less Shipping )


                Performance Guarantee


                Marrs Factory Capstan Belts are Guaranteed to Meet any Brand of Cassette Deck

                Manufacturers Published wow/flutter Specifications, on Your Machine _

                IF, Your Transport is Fully Serviced.

                The Performance Portion of the Guarantee is Limited to 10 Years.

                 Marrs is the Only Belt Supplier Worldwide, making this Guarantee


Why does Marrs Communications stay so Busy ?

We offer a Belts Manufactured in Japan with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Marrs uses Quality Procedures, no other Belt sellers offer.

We provide a Belt "Performance Guarantee" no other Belt sellers offer !


Marrs Communications customer base consist of Repair Centers and Audiophiles, who want the Absolute

best Belts Available, to obtain the Absolute best Performance for their machines.

We do not sell cheap Belts manufactured in "other countries".


If you want the Highest Quality Belts on Planet Earth, you are in the right Place.  ( Undisputed )

97.5% of our Belts are Manufactured in Japan by a O.E.M. Factory


Marrs Communications Serves Over 1,300 Customers Worldwide.

We ship all orders as fast a possible, but we are a Family Business with 3 Employees Maximum.

We Assemble and Ship 100's of Kits Monthly.

Thank you for understanding !


Marrs is your only source for Cassette Deck, CD Player, DVD Player, D.A.T. and

Select Turntable Belts

                                                    Manufactured in Japan 




When Making a Purchase, You Agree to Our Ship Terms.

We accept no Responsibility for mailing delays, if the customer does not

send their Brand and Model information with payment, makes payment with

one email address, and uses a "Different" contact email address.


All communication from Marrs Communications, is done using your Stripe

or Direct email address.

We accept no Responsibility for mailing delays if the customer does not

send their Brand and Model information WITH payment, makes payment with

One email address, and uses a Different contact email address.


**** If your Order is going to delayed for ANY reason, you will be notified and

have the "option" of cancelling the order and Receive a Refund, OR waiting

for any Belts needed to arrive, before shipping your order.

We will provide a estimate of when the the belts needed will arrive.****

Once a Tracking Number is assigned to you, Shipping charges are

Never Refundable.


We provide a Tracking Number for every order Shipped.

The United States Postal Service DOES lose packages, even with Tracking Numbers.


Filing a claim with "Stripe" is Never Necessary. Don't Do it !

Just request a Refund !

Claims just complicate the resolution process.

If you do file a claim ( Stripe has your Money we do NOT )

If Stripe has your Money, we Can Not do anything to help You !



*****     If you have a problem with your order, just send a email requesting a Refund,

            Explaining the Problem to ( )

            Responses will not be Immediate. ( 3 - 4 Business Days ) We receive 175 emails Daily !


            Marrs Communications has been in business since 2006.

            Not a single customer has ever lost a nickle doing business with Marrs.

            If you heard differently, they are lying.

            We are a small family business and customers can always count on Marrs. Guaranteed !

            We ask for Respect, not Demands.



Information you Must provide for information about your Order.

Full Name, Order Date, Item ordered and Stripe Transaction Number.

Send to:


International Order Customs Delays:

Tracking numbers are provided on every Order.

In a International order is "Held by Customs", Marrs Communications

accepts No responsibility.

Shipping is Never Refundable or Paid on Replacement International Order.

The United States Postal Service Does lose orders !


Marrs Communications Belt Kits, are not assembled until After your order placed.

Every kit is " Custom Assembled " for your Brand and Model.

We use the "Factory Original belt Sizes" installed on your machine, at the Factory when built !

No " Bag-O-Belt " assortments, are used EVER.


Marrs Communications has the Most Accurate and Complete Current Correct

Belt Part Number Interchange in the Industry, Guaranteed.


This information is not for sale or shared, and will only be sold if Krista ever decides to sell the Company.

Marrs Communications is the ONLY belt Seller that has invested in the time and effort to update the

interchange information and Correct the current "Incorrect" online belt interchange information. Guaranteed.

This is another reason we cannot ship your order "Yesterday".


Belt Manufacturers and Distributors that are still in Business today, have not updated their

application and part number interchange database in over 36 Years.

This outdated database is used by All Other Belt Sellers and Distributors and has over 1,400 mistakes !


What is the advantage to our Customers ?

Each belt kit is Custom assembled and includes All Belts specific to your Brand and Model of machine.

Marrs Belt kits include only the Original size and Style of belts installed on you machine at the Factory.


Factory Service manuals are available for most brands and models in PDF format for only $5.00 each.

( Official Factory "step by step " belt replacement instructions do NOT exist ).


Marrs " order processing procedure " is very time consuming BUT insures you receive

the Best fitting Kit, using the Highest Quality Belts money can buy, __ Guaranteed.

No other Belt Sellers use these steps to provide this Quality of Kits, _ None !



No other belt Sellers provide belts for as many applications as Marrs Communications,

quality O.E.M. Factory belts manufactured in Japan.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed.


Please keep in mind, we service over 1,300 customers Worldwide, with only 3 employees.

If you need your belts Yesterday, we should NOT be your belt supplier.


Your Business is Greatly Appreciated,


Phone: 346-328-2106


Please allow 3-4 Business Days for email replies.




Marrs Communications

Phone: 346-328-2106

Customer Ship Time

Within 7 to 10 Business Days

Business days are Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) or


Please read carefully!!

Marrs Communications updates our website frequently with important information for our customers to to be aware of and to consider before placing their order. 

It is the customer's responsibility to read any and all important updates and/or changes regarding matters such as contact information, business hours, ordering instructions and ship times.  Failure to thoroughly read these updates could cause delays in processing and shipping your order.

Marrs Communications is not responsible for failure to read and make note of any updates and/or changes. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact Krista by email at