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                                             TEAC CASSETTE BELTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE

                                                                       MADE IN JAPAN

                               Highest Quality Tascam and Teac Belts Money Can Buy



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( Tascam Teac "Level" V.R. Timing Belt ) Number: Teac Part Number 5800933600 Japan  $16.50

Used Between Left & Right "Level" V.R. Controls

( See Picture in Tascam )



                                                           Premium Cassette Kits            $25.75 All Models Below


A      A-100,   A-103,   A-105,   A-106,   A-107,   A-108,   A-109,   A-124AV,


         A-140,   A-150,   A-160,   A-170,   A-180,   A-206,   A-250S


        A-280,   A-300,   A-303,   A-350,   A-355,   A-360,   A-360S


        A-380,   A-400,   A-420,   A-430,   A-440,   A-450,   A-460


        A-480,   A-500,   A-500MKII,   A-505,   A-510,   A-510MKII,


        A-550RX,   A-601R,   A-640,   A-650,   A-660,   A-700,   A-707,


        A-770,   A-800,   ( A-860 Fabric Capstan N.L.A. )



Combination Cassette / CD Player Models                                       $25.75 

AD  AD-600,   AD-800



Elcaset Decks


AL    AL-700 Elcaset Deck

(This kit includes the Original Size Factory Belts)                         $25.75



                                           Teac Cassette LIFETIME Guarantee



                                                             Premium Cassette Kits           $25.75 All Models Below


C      C-1,   C-2,   C-3,   C-3X,   C-3RX


CX   CX-210,   CX-211,   CX-270,   CX-271,   CX-310,   CX-311


        CX-350,   CX-351,   CX-370,   CX-400,   CX-650R


D      D-500C,   D-525C


F      F200,   F-230,   F-300


                                           Teac Cassette LIFETIME Guarantee



                                                            Premium Cassette Kits             $25.75 All Models Below


R      R-400,   R-424,   R-425,   R-435X,   R-455CHX,   R-606X,


        R-616X,   R-666X,   **R-777X,  R-888X,   R-919X,   R-999X,   R-1000,





  **R-777X  CONTROL AND REDUCTION BELTS ONLY                       $22.75




                                                            Premium Cassette Kits               $25.75 All Models Below


     V-1RX,   V-2RX,   V-3RX,   V-5RX,   V-7RX,   V-9RX,   V-25,   V-30,   V-33,   V-35


        V-40,   V-44,   V-45,   V-47,   V-50,    V-53C,   V-66C,   V-95RX,   V-307,   V-316,


        V317,   V-360C,   V-385,   V-390,   V-400X,   V-406C,   V-407C,   V-416C


        V-417C,   V-500X,   V-505X,   V-508X,   V-510,   V-515X,   V-518X,


        V-570,   V-580,   V-615,   V-670,   V-680,   V-700,   V-707R,   V-707RX,   V-750X,


        V-770,   V-800X,   V-815X,   V-850X,   V-870X,   V-900X,   V-909RX,   V-970X,


        V-1010,   V-1050 (Tascam 130)




TEAC ESOTERIC CASSETTE DECKS                                ( 2 Belts )     $22.75

PC   PC-10




V     V-5000,   V-5010,   V-6030S,   V-7000,   V-7010,

        V-7010B,   V-8030S,   V-9000




                                    DOUBLE CASSETTE KIT LIFETIME GUARANTEE

                                                   ( Include Belts for Both Decks )

                                                                                                              $28.50 Belts for Both Decks

                                                                                                                      All Models Below


W    W-300,   W-305,   W-310,   W-310C,   W-315C,   W-350,   W-355


       W-370C,   W-375C,   W-410,   W-419,   W-420,   W-430C,   W-440C


       W-450R,   W-460C,  W-488R,   W-500C,   W-525R,   W-600R,   W-660R


       W-700R,   W-750R,   W-760R,   W-780R,   W-790R   W-800R,


       W-850R,   W-860R,   W-865R,   W-880RX,   W-890R,   W-890RX-MKII,


        W-990RX,   W-3100,   W-4600,   W-6000R



WJ  WJ-51,   WJ-61                         Double Deck                                $28.50 Belts for Both Decks                    



   Z-5000,  Z-6000,  Z-7000                                        Main Belt            $22.25



TASCAM CD PLAYER BELTS                                  ( 1 to 3 Belts )        $24.50  5800979500

CD-160,   CD-450,   CD-601,   CD-701  



TEAC CD PLAYER BELTS LIFETIME GUARANTEE                               $24.50 All Models Below


CD  CD-5,   CD-500,   CD-P650,   CD-P1260,   CD-P3000


PD   PD-860


VR  VR-DS10,   VR-DS25X


ZD   ZD-3000,   ZD-4000,   ZD-5000,   ZD-6000   (1 Belt )                      $22.25



ESOTERIC CD PLAYER BELTS                                                              $22.25

D-1,   P-1,   P-2s,   D-10,   P-10,   P-30,   P-700 



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